Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Although garage door springs may last for years, anywhere from 7 to 15 years, they still do break. When this happens then you will need broken garage springs replacement services offered by a pro. It is not recommended to carry out replacement of garage door springs on your own. Lack of proper maintenance to the door and other factors may also cause the garage door springs to break before they reach their life span. It is therefore recommended that you engage the services of a pro to maintain and service you garage door regularly as required.

But how do you know that your garage door springs are broken? Most of the times you can tell if your garage door springs are broken by looking at them and seeing the broken springs. Usually you will notice a 2” gap on the springs to determine they are broken. However there are also other telltale signs that will show you that your springs are broken even when you cannot see the springs. Here are some signs that your springs are broken.

Very loud bang in the garage – garage door springs are tightly wound and under a lot of tension. When the spring breaks it unwinds rapidly and rotates on the shaft or the safety cable. This is the cause of the loud bang that most homeowners hear when the springs break.

Garage door falls fast when going down- the springs help the door move down slowly by carrying the weight. When the springs are broken then the door will move down quicker than usual as it closes due to gravity.

The door jerks when moving up and down- if you notice that the door has a jerky motion when moving up or down it might be due to a broken spring. This is because when one spring is broken the door is misaligned and therefore doesn’t move smoothly.

It is extremely difficult to manual move the door – the garage door is not heavy even when moved manually provided the springs are in proper working order. This is because the springs provide the required counterbalance force that makes it easy to move the door manually. If you enter manual mode and find that the door is dead weight and extremely hard to move then it means one or both your springs are broken.

Remember to consult pros for proper and safe broken garage springs replacement.